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With the support of friends and family, athletes are able to share the growth in their sport with everyone who contributed to their success. This camaraderie is what will be remembered. This Thanksgiving, we’re thankful for sport, specifically, for log rolling.
We’re half way through the series and have been thrilled with both the level of competition we’re seeing and the overwhelming enthusiasm we feel from our tournament hosts and competitors. Log rolling has proven to be a fun, safe, competitive and innovative activity that college campuses are adopting to grow their intramural, club, or recreation student programs. It is so great to see!
We are excited to announce thatAllison Kieley has joined Key Log Rolling® as Director of Sport Development. 
The first unofficial world log rolling contest was held Sept 9, 1898 at the Trans Missisippi Exposition in Omaha, Nebraska. The first champion was Tom Fleming of Eau Claire Wisconsin, a skilled log driver on the Chippewa River, home of the greatest virgin white pine forests on earth.
The Minneapolis Log Rolling Club (MLRC) is only six months old but it’s already jumping feet first into hosting its first log rolling tournament. The 1st Annual Twin Cities Indoor Open will be staged on March 13th at the Eden Prairie Community Center, featuring beginning and intermediate regional log rollers.

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