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Log Rolling In The Community

A new sport has come to the pool

Log Rolling In The Community



Swimming pools and city beach fronts are a perfect setting for log rolling classes. And log rolling is a proven programming option for any aquatic facility, whether indoors or outdoors.

At Key Log Rolling, we have successfully started numerous model programs for YW/YMCAs, Park & Recs, MWR, universities, colleges, and schools. Maybe there’s already a program near you.

Prior to the Key Log, we used our powers of persuasion to convince the maintenance staffs to allow us to put a wood log in their pools. But the Key Log changes everything.

Constructed of the same material as canoes and kayaks, Key Logs will not chip, splinter, or crack. Best of all, at 65 pounds versus 450 pounds, you won't need to recruit the entire weight-lifting team to move it.

The Key Log offers you many new programming possibilities including:

  • Group classes for youth, adults, and families.
  • Party rentals for a fun addition to a pool party.
  • Group rentals for clubs and schools Competitive log rolling teams (similar to swim teams)
  • Cross-training for other sports - Is our soccer team looking to enhance their footwork drills? Does the gymnastics team want to shake things up with some balance and core work?

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Morale, Welfare and Recreation Programs

Learn more about log rolling specifically for MWR Aquatics Programs here (link to PDF).



Year in which Judy Scheer Hoeschler started the model program for YMCAs.

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