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Elevate Your Aquatics Program

Join hundreds of recreational programs around the country that have introduced Key Log Rolling to their community. Log rolling attracts new visitors, serves a wide range of participants, and offers countless programming opportunities. From helping kids build self-esteem, to adult fitness, log rolling will expand your aquatics programming.

Key Logs are a low-maintenance, fun alternative to inflatables; your staff will appreciate the easy set-up!

Log rolling is an all-ages activity that encourages kids and parents to play together in the pool. It’s a unique way for participants to take a risk and try new things in a controlled environment, and develop healthy skills for life.

The competitive nature of log rolling appeals to teens, and connects with kids that may not be attracted to conventional sports. Log rolling is also a great activity for beginner swimmers because it can be done in shallow water.

Key Log Rolling can take place in a variety of settings and offers an abundance of programming possibilities for community recreation. Its portability and versatility makes it easy to share across a variety of programs, departments, and locations within your community.

• Special events, eg. use an inflatable shallow pool & put on demos at summer festivals, fun runs, farmers markets, etc.
• Activity during open recreational swim, family swim, or teen nights.Instructional log rolling classes - youth, family, or adult-only.
• Add on to your Learn to Swim program
• Activity for sports camps or day camps
• Lifeguard Olympics
• Competitive tournaments
• Team building activity for corporate/private events

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing you with the tools and support to help you succeed. We invite you to be partners in the growth of the sport, as your community discovers the joy of log rolling. Contact us to learn how to introduce log rolling to your aquatics program this year.

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