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Smiles for Miles

Key Log Rolling will bring new life to your resort waterfront. Your guests will cherish the memories of learning year after year! Introduce a unique, safe all-ages activity to your resort waterfront or pool! Adding a portable key log to shallow water encourages participation at every ability level and will provide hours of fun and entertainment for your guests.

Captivate crowds with this eye-catching aquatic activity. The addition of Key Logs at your waterfront or pool shows guests that you go above and beyond to provide unique and memorable experiences during their stay.

Key Log Rolling can take place in any aquatic setting  - shallow, deep, fresh, chlorine, or salt water - and offers a variety of recreational opportunities for all guests.

• Special events, eg. add log rolling to themed resort events and holiday promotions.
• “Learn to log roll” workshops for adults, kids, or all-ages.
• Informal tournaments with prizes for winners.
• Skill-based challenge activities to offer competitive opportunities for guests.
• Informal, open rolling sessions at family pools, and adult-only pools.

Tired of sharing the same old photos of kids with pool noodles or guests sunbathing in deck chairs? Key Log Rolling can help fix that! Our one of a kind Key Log adds a fresh look to any waterfront or pool and will attract new guests to give your resort a try!

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