About The Key Log®

Making An Old Sport New Again

We love to log roll. And we love to share our passion for this historic American sport. A few years ago, we realized that our sport was carrying too much weight…literally, the logs were too heavy!

We teamed up with innovative engineers and found the solution: the Key Log®, a 65-pound synthetic log that you fill with water at your destination. With its patented baffled system, the Key Log floats, spins, and reacts just like a traditional cedar wood log.

The Key Log is light enough to transport to your body of water, and to ship anywhere in the world. When it reaches your pool, camp or lake home, "just add water" and you'll be ready to roll! When you want to move the Key Log, just drain the water and off you go!

The Key Log is built of high-density polyethylene, the same material as canoes and kayaks, so it can sit in the water, without getting "water-logged." It doesn't peel, splinter, crack, rot, or mold, so no maintenance is required. And with our built-in traction surface, you can use off-the-shelf sports shoes.

The Key Log Training Fins™. It's as easy as falling off a log...

Actually, now it's as easy as staying on top of a log! The yellow training fins are a newly developed device to slow and stabilize the Key Log. They provide resistance and limit the speed at which the Key Log spins. They give beginners just enough time to catch their balance and learn faster. Think of them as strap-on training wheels. The results are truly unbelievable. They are a game-changer because they allow beginners to see early success, resulting in FUN on day one!

You can roll with up to three Trainers. Simply wrap them around the Key Log and cinch them down with the accompanying straps. You can achieve varying levels of resistance by using none, one, two, or three Trainers...it's like four Key Logs in one!

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The Key Log Training Fins™

The training fins give you 4 speeds in 1 Key Log!

the trainers give you 4 speeds in 1 Key Log!