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We created a portable synthetic log to allow people everywhere to discover the recreational and competitive benefits of log rolling. The Key Log® is the brainchild of our team of world champion log rollers, experienced teachers-coaches, and innovative engineers.

Roll Anywhere

The Key Log® weighs only sixty-five (65) pounds, making it easy to transport, maintain and store. It can be used in any depth or type of water, from ponds and lakes to rivers and pools.

Just Add Water

When you arrive at your water destination, “just add water” and Key Log’s patented high density foam baffle system re-creates the density required to float, spin and react like a traditional lathe-turned log.

Learn to Roll

The yellow Key Log Training Fins have revolutionized how people learn to log roll. We developed the Training Fins to provide resistance and limit the speed of the spin of the log, making it an activity that everyone can enjoy from the get-go.

From beginner to advanced, the patented Training Fins allow you to progressively decrease the resistance as your skill level grows. Start with three, and remove them one by one as you keep coming back for more!

“That’s the other brilliant thing about the Key Log. It comes with paddle-like accessories that you can affix to the log, which act like training wheels. They slow down the speed at which the log rolls and make it easier for only moderately coordinated adults like myself to learn how to roll.”

What's Included

• Set of three Training Fins

• Instructional Materials

• Instructrional Videos

• Program Support + Marketing Materials

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