Log Rolling At Summer Camps

A camp tradition, with A MODERN SPIN

Log Rolling at Summer Camps


If you're looking for an exciting waterfront activity for your summer camp, look no further than Key Log Rolling. Based on a 100-year-old lumberjack sport, spinning atop a floating log will capture the imagination of kids and adults, alike. Log rolling builds physical fitness including balance, coordination, endurance and foot speed. It also strengthens mental focus and concentration. But mostly, it's just fun!

The Key Log offers an abundance of programming options, including supervised group activities, private lessons, or simply as a water toy during open swim.

At your camp, Key Log Rolling can be used as a purely recreational activity, or amped up as a competitive sport with weekly ladders and tournaments. And, who knows, maybe your camp will be developing future world champions of this unique competitive sport!

Whatever you choose to do, the Key Log will bring campers endless hours of fun and a sense of accomplishment. And it will bring kids back to your camp, year after year.

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Success Stories

North Star Camp for Boys

We are a non competitive camp with campers from 22 states and 5 countries, mostly from urban areas. It can be quite a chore to get those guys in the water, but when we introduced log rolling, it became one of our best tools. Over half of the boys at camp signed up! Log rolling not only helped us get the kids in the lake, but really helped build their confidence as well. With the curriculum they gave us, we watched as kids went from unable to stand on the log, to total control of the log.

Camp Manito-Wish YMCA

None of our counselors knew how to log roll, let alone teach log rolling. The Key Log Rolling instructors came up to the camp for a day and did an intensive training with a few of our counselors. It was amazing to see them going from being able to stay on for no more than five seconds, to rolling against each other by the end of a few hours. They were also coaching each other advice by the end of the training session.


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Number of serious injuries or trips to the emergency room experienced by any log rollers in the last 50 years.

North Star Camp for Boys 


Lumberjack speak for “go get 'em"!

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