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Training & Workshops

Training & Workshops


Training & Workshops

With so many people wanting to learn to log roll, there’s a growing demand for log rolling teachers. Log rolling is a challenging sport, but the physics of it are straightforward. Our training workshops will give you the tools you need to give basic instruction to beginning log rollers.

The workshop is designed for individuals who are interested in either starting a program and teaching structured classes, or simply for personal growth and immersion into the fundamentals of log rolling. Through classroom instruction, demonstration, and practice, the in-water instructional course will provide an introduction to the basic skills and concepts needed to master log rolling, as well as useful tools for teaching others.

The course is created for everyone regardless of physical ability and experience with log rolling. In fact, we strongly encourage people new to log rolling!

Upcoming Workshops

Contact us to schedule a "Learn and Lead" Key Log Rolling Workshop! Our signature workshop is a comprehensive introduction to log rolling and instructing. The day session alternates between classroom and pool time. You will leave feeling prepared to implement a program at your facility. Click here to view Fact Sheet + Price List.

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