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Thankful for Sport

Sport can bring out the best in us. By committing to and competing in a sport, people are able to transform into athletes. Athletes grow - physically, their bodies may change, mentally, their minds will. The focus, persistence, challenge and dedication required by athletes competing at any level are essential characteristics that are learned with experience. Through the experiences athletes encounter in sport, they’re able to practice living out these characteristics with every rep, every match, and every interaction with their teammates or competitors.

Athletes aren’t the only ones who are impacted by sport; friends and family are spectators and superfans who bring enthusiasm and support to the pool deck, the sidelines, the court, the field or the rink. With the support of friends and family, athletes are able to share the growth in their sport with everyone who helped contribute to their success. This camaraderie - friends cheering you on from the side, looking for mom in the stands after winning a match 3-2, looking for dad after scoring a touchdown - is what will be remembered. On this Thanksgiving, we’re thankful for sport, specifically, for log rolling (shocking, we know)

Key Log Rolling Team Photo: L to R (top) Allison, Julie, Jay (bottom) Judy, Abby (MIA) Emily, Matt

Thank you to the Key Log Rollers all around the world for growing with us. Thank you to the KLR parents for taking your kids to classes, lessons, and clubs. Thank you to all of the volunteers who have helped at our tournaments and events. Thank you to our corporate partners for helping sponsor events. Thank you to the college campuses who are introducing students to log rolling. Thank you to all of the military programs who are rolling in their free time. Thank you to the entire log rolling family - we’re all taking small, fast steps one day at a time to introduce more athletes to this incredible sport.

We’re grateful for the friendships we’ve formed over our years log rolling together and are grateful for all of the little lessons this big sport has taught us.

What are you thankful for? Let us know.

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