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Campus Rec Is On A Roll

Key Log Rolling elevates aquatic programs by attracting a brand new audience, while also introducing a fun and fit activity to your core users. It provides the opportunity for aquatics to intersect with other programs such as intramurals, club sports, fitness, and campus-wide events and initiatives.

Key Log Rolling can take place in a variety of settings and offers an abundance of programming possibilities for college campuses. Its versatility makes it easy to share across a variety of programs, departments, and locations on campus.

You don’t need an experienced log roller, all you need are enthusiastic staff members to run the activity.
Our onsite, customized training workshop teaches your staff how to log roll and how to teach log rolling. This four-hour comprehensive training includes both classroom and pool time, and will prepare your staff to make log rolling a successful part of your aquatics programming.

Programming Opportunities

• Open recreational log rolling
• Instructional class
• Intramurals/club sports
• Outdoor Adventure Programs

• Team Building
• Provide supplemental cross training for sports teams.
• Youth camps/community programming

• Events such as Welcome Week,  Rec Fest, Splash Bash, Greek Week, and all-ages family activities like Homecoming or Reunions.

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing you with the tools and support to help you succeed. We invite you to be partners in the growth of the sport, as your students discover the joy of log rolling. Contact us to learn how to introduce log rolling to your campus this year.

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