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Log Rolling On Campus

Log Rolling On Campus



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Whether for recreation or competition, Key Log Rolling makes it easy for you to bring a new and authentic activity to your recreational program or facility.

Key Log Rolling is a low impact fitness activity with high rewards for all ages and sizes. Stepping back and forth on a spinning Key Log improves, balance, footwork, core strength and cardiovascular endurance. A true sport in itself, Key Log Rolling is also a fun way for athletes to cross train for other sports.

Key Log Rolling can attract a new audience while also introducing a unique activity for your core members. With recent local and national recognition, Key Log Rolling is poised to be the next big thing. We invite your campus to be one of the leaders!

The Key Log® offers an abundance of programming possibilities for college campuses. Key Log Rolling can take place in a variety of settings including as a club or intramural sport, a PE credited course, a fitness class, part of an adventure program, as an activity for special events, for rental, and more! Its versatility makes it easy to share across programs, departments, and locations within institutions.


The basics of log rolling are easy to learn and to teach, and our Key Log Rolling instructor training materials and workshops give your staff the tools they need to offer a fun and safe activity to the campus community. You don’t need an experienced log roller to run the activity, all you need are enthusiastic staff members.



The sport of log rolling was born out of American lumberjacks’ natural inclination to challenge one another in friendly competition. Traditionally, a log rolling match consists of two people on one log, each trying to be the last person on top. As an individual sport, it can still take place as a team, similar to swimming, tennis, or wrestling. Spar against others in intramurals, or against other college clubs in tournaments!

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