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Our Story


We created the Key Log because we knew in our gut that people across the world
would fall in love with log rolling. They just needed the equipment to do it.

As a family of world champion log rollers, we are passionate about the sport and want to share the fun and fitness benefits with others. Our vision is to grow log rolling to Olympic status. We’ve been at the forefront of the sport’s development for over 40 years and have celebrated with countless youth and adults as they've experienced their first moment of success! 
Through our patented Key Log, and accessories to slow and stabilize the log for beginners, we have made the water sport accessible at any waterfront or pool.
Log rolling was born in the north woods over 125 years ago, and is now being re-discovered everywhere, as a sport for modern times.


Key Log Rolling Anthem Video from Key Log Rolling on Vimeo.



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