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Boost Your Pool’s Fun Factor.

Log rolling and swimming pools are a match made in heaven. Your entire family will love the mental and physical engagement of learning to roll. Key Log Rolling provides endless entertainment, whether improving your skills on your own, or competing with friends and family in lively challenges.

Progression to Learning

The patented Training Fins can be added or removed for varying ability levels. Start with three, and remove them one by one when you’re ready for an added challenge. Have newbie friends coming over for a pool party? Mom and dad aren’t keeping up with the kids? Simply strap the Training Fins back on so everyone feels success and can roll together!

Safe and Steady

Our Key Log Anchoring System will keep your Key Log safely in place, while still allowing it to spin freely. Simply clip the strap to both security loops at the end of your Key Log®, and then tie or clip an anchor line to an anchoring point in the pool, a lane line, or our weighted anchor bag.

As everyone looks to the upcoming summer and ways to keep families safe, active AND entertained, our family of world champion log rollers is here to help!

THIS is the perfect summer to learn and the portable Key Log® will be a gift your family will enjoy for years to come.

"My kids tried this at the fair and loved it! Thanks to everyone who helped them get the hang of it."

– Molly Z

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