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Log Rolling Date Night will Spice up your Aquatics Program!

  • 1 min read

"Date Night Log Rolling" is a great way to attract new adults to your pool or waterfront. Couples often look for new activities to try together, and a one-lesson date night is a low commitment way for people to check out your facility. Use this as an opportunity to show off all of the amenities your pool and facility have to offer - make sure to have a signup sheet for upcoming lessons or classes posted.

Here are five tips for putting on a log rolling date night!

1. Get the word out there. Most local news media will feature Valentines Day ideas and stories. Notify them that you’re offering a Log Rolling Date Night with your local news. We bet they’ll send a reporter to check it out!

2. Staff your Date Night lesson with your most fun, enthusiastic and supportive staff member. Trying anything new with a partner or love interest can be a little intimidating so an engaging instructor will remind everyone to relax and have some fun.

3. Keep group sizes small. We recommend no more than three couples per Key Log.

4. End the evening with a team or partner challenge. You could even split couples up and place them on opposite teams for a little spicy competition. Call or email us if you’d like to talk specifics about challenges!  

5. If your pool has a hot tub or spa area, encourage everyone to hang out and relax after the lesson!

If you’d like to chat more about offering Date Night Log Rolling, or any other program ideas, don’t hesitate to contact me directly.

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