Log Rolling Date Night...It's a thing!

February 12, 2020

Log Rolling Date Night...It's a thing!

My parents' nearly 50-year relationship began with a log rolling lesson, and my marriage is the result of a lakeside log rolling rendezvous. So, even though I'm not a relationship expert, I do have some experience with love and log rolling. And I’m here to make the case that log rolling is a date night activity you should consider!

two women log rolling

1. Shared New Experiences. You’ll never forget the first time you tried log rolling! Sharing new and unique experiences is a key tenet to keeping long-term relationships, well....long.

2. Vulnerability. According to a few quick Google searches, a healthy dose of vulnerability is crucial in happy relationships. Learning a new activity with your partner forces you to be a bit vulnerable. And falling into the water can be a humbling experience. But it’s the perfect opportunity to show encouragement and to cheer one another on.

3. Laughter. You will most certainly laugh when learning to log roll - because falling into the water is fun and funny! Just like exercise, laughter releases positive endorphins into your body. Why not do both together for a double dose of good feelings? 

Do you have a log rolling love story to share? If so, please send us your story... we’d love to hear about it! On Valentines Day 2021, we’ll feature all of our favorites including some of our own stories of "falling" in love. ; )

Aquatics and recreational programmers, click here to get tips on how to offer a Log Rolling Date Night!  

By Abby Hoeschler, Key Log Rolling, President


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