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“The biggest thing for me being in the water is seeing other folks earn that sense of accomplishment, even if it’s just a split second they add on their time, their eyes light up and they smile. That’s what gets me to do it,” Brill said.
"It's a legitimate sport.... something we’ve always known and the world is now learning!"
Ellie Davenport's doctor encouraged her to keep rolling because it taught her to consciously tell her spine muscles to strengthen.
Minneapolis, MN - Key Log Rolling ( is happy to announce that Emily Ward has joined the company as Director of National Sales and Program Development. Ms. Ward comes with a wealth of experience within the aquatics and education fields, including a 34-year career as a Hall of Fame swimming coach at the University of Buffalo; Program Director in Education Services at the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA); and most recently as Program

Dear Abby, No, I’m not looking for advice… I’m just writing to congratulate you on being a member of the 2016 Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal “Women in Business” honorees!  As your co-worker and mom, I know how deserving you are of this award.

Five years ago, Key Log Rolling® president, Abby Hoeschler, was cross-country skiing with her dad, Jay, when they crossed paths with two men on the Birkie ski trail in Hayward, Wisconsin.  "It was a random meeting on a ski trail,"  laughed Abby, "but it proved to be one of those moments you never forget.”
When we launched Key Log Rolling® in 2011, we were confident about two things: 1) the historic sport had the right stuff to become a nationally and internationally-recognized Olympic sport, and 2) the main thing holding the sport back back was “the log, stupid”.  Heavy red cedar logs were/are difficult to source, challenging to move, and expensive to transport.  Due to agricultural restrictions, it’s almost impossible to ship raw logs across national borders. It was clear that the world

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