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Elizabeth Stepped Up Her Pool Fun

  • 2 min read

Meet Elizabeth. She bought a Key Log for her pool after trying log rolling at the Minnesota State Fair. She tells us how she continued to roll, and why she brought a Key Log home.  

How did you hear about Key Log?
My husband and I first found out about Key Log at the MN State Fair three years ago. After a mini-donut beer, I felt brave enough to try it and I loved it even though I could only stay on for 30 seconds. I looked forward to doing it at the Fair again the next year and looked up some videos on how people roll for ideas.

Did you try log rolling again?
Yes! The next year I did pretty well at the Fair and one of the ladies at the booth told me about a class that would be held at the local community center. My husband and I signed up for the winter class as a New Year's resolution to get out of the house, be more active, and learn something new. We learned all the basics and safety in class and by the end of 8 weeks (1-hr/wk), we were rolling with the adults in matches. It was gratifying to work on skills and see improvement.

Why did you decide to purchase a Key Log?
COVID-19 happened and spring class was canceled. They announced summer classes would be held in a local lake but we wouldn't be able to make them consistently. With our vacation plans getting put on hold we decided to make the investment in a Key Log so we could roll in our pool or in a lake whenever we wanted--at least until it gets cold!

How’s it been going with your Key Log?
It's been a great way to get our friends and family introduced to the sport since they all thought we were a little weird for log rolling. It's not something people typically do. Having our own log has also allowed us to practice more often and for longer than we would in a class so it feels like we're improving faster. If anyone is on the fence about rolling, I would highly recommend taking a class or renting a log for a weekend. 

"We are loving our Key Log! We decided to invest in a Key Log so we could roll in our pool or in a lake whenever we wanted."

- Elizabeth

You can add a Key Log to your pool toy collection just like Elizabeth. Log rolling in your swimming pool is a safe, fun activity for all ages. Your family and friends will love learning to roll. Whether you’re working on improving skills solo or competing with family and friends in lively challenges, Key Log Rolling provides endless entertainment in the pool.

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