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Log Rolling - A Safe Activity For All Ages

  • 2 min read

Log rolling is a very safe activity. Falling into the water is actually part of the fun. Even if you bump the log falling, it gives in the water. It’s less impact than falling on the playground, getting tackled in a contact sport, or falling off a skateboard.

Swimming Not Required
Log rolling can happen in water as shallow as 2 feet deep, so everyone can learn to log roll, including non-swimmers. It’s a low impact, non-contact sport that all ages, from young children to grandparents, can enjoy.

The Physics Of Falling
Falling into the water is a fun fact of life when log rolling. Everyone falls! In many cases, people simply step off of the log as they lose balance. The Key Log has a traction surface designed to prevent slipping. People tend to fall either forward or backward away from the log, so positioning the Key Log perpendicular to OR at least 10 feet away from any structure, dock, or pool edge will create a safe zone for rollers to fall. 



Safety Equipment For Beginners
The Key Log Training Fins™ are accessories, designed to slow and stabilize the Key Log. Think of them as strap-on training wheels. They provide resistance and limit the speed of the spin, giving beginners just enough time to catch their balance and learn faster.A Key Log can be fitted with one, two, or three Training Fins, depending on each user’s skill level, allowing beginners to see success and have fun on their first day of log rolling.

Key Log Is Safe In The Pool
Our Key Log Anchoring System will keep your Key Log safely in place, while still allowing it to spin freely. Simply clip the anchoring strap to both security loops at the end of your Key Log®, and then tie or clip an anchor line to an anchoring point in the pool, a lane line, or a weighted anchor. Because rollers tend to fall either forward or backward away from the log, anchoring the Key Log perpendicular to the pool edge will prevent injury.

Injury Free! 
We’ve helped start over 500 log rolling aquatic programs around the world and have no serious injuries reported from beginner or advanced log rollers. And better yet, organizations aren’t restricting participants or requiring additional insurance. 

If you have questions or concerns about log rolling safety,feel free to Contact Us, we’re happy to answer any questions! 

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