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Starting my business, Blue Ox Log Rolling, with Key Logs has been incredibly rewarding. Everyday I get to watch people's self-doubt melt into smiles and laughter as they realize they can learn to log roll!  I'm introducing people to a lifelong hobby that is super fun and improves their strength and fitness.  What could be better!?  But there's more: I've made more friends through this business than at any other point in my life. It has been amazing for the community (neighbors are meeting neighbors) and I've even witnessed families rebuild relationships through a common newfound interest in log rolling together.  Personally, I'm so thankful for this life-enriching experience.  All this could not have happened without Key Log Rolling.  And it's just the beginning.

Sarah Beron, Blue Ox Log Rolling



Hi Abby,

I just wanted to let you know how much we love our Key Log!! We have used it with two of our summer camp programs and the kids can’t get enough of it.  We even changed our plans to bring it back on the last day when we weren’t going to have it because it’s such a fun and unique activity.   Thanks for making the purchasing process so easy and for taking the time to respond to my questions personally.  We have added log rolling as an activity for our big summer event in July and are seeking out a pool to continue on into the winter. 

Thanks again!

Lisa Alderfer, Education Programmer, Starks Parks, Canton, Ohio 44708



Hey Abby,

I just wanted to let you know that UTD got the Key Log Roll and a few professional staff members, including myself of course, tried it out today for the first time. WE ALL LOVED IT! Best decision I’ve made on a purchase! My supervisor and I tried it with no trainers after the others were done and realized how fun it will be to get to that level. I’m so excited for my lifeguard staff to try it on Friday and then for us to break it out as a full program in the Spring. Thanks again for making this happen for us! You guys are awesome!!! J


Kelly Kessler, University of Texas, Dallas




Like every camp in the country, we're starting to kick our summer prep into high gear. In going through some of our 2015 photos, we came across some nice shots of our boys campers getting to work on our Key Log and thought we'd share them with you. It's been a great addition to our programming at Mishawaka. We also strapped a GoPro to the side of the log and created a gif of the footage. I'll send that along separately. Please feel free to share these pictures on your own social media accounts--we are big fans! 

We're looking to send some staff members to get trained as instructors before camp starts this summer. Are there training sessions in the Twin Cities coming up soon?


Greta Kovach, Associate Director, Camp Mishawaka, MN



Hi Abby,

Thank you so much for the information! It will be a great help. Also I just wanted to say thank you to you and everyone at KeyLog for all the help getting our program going. I have taken such a liking to the sport that I am actually going to compete this summer at some shows. I am very excited and nervous. Anyway thank you for everything you do and please pass along my gratitude to all who work for Key Log.

Greg, University of Montana






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