Log Rolling At The Lake

Logs and lake homes ROLL TOGETHER

Log Rolling At The Lake



When you go to your lake home or cabin, Key Log Rolling helps you unplug with an authentic silent sport...only the laughter will be loud.

There are few activities that family members of all ages and sizes can participate in at the same time. With Key Log Rolling, no one is left on the sidelines. Even spectators who want to stay high and dry, can enjoy watching the fun, while cheering everyone on. Soon you'll be challenging each other to some friendly log rolling competition. Family reunions at the lake will never be the same!

The Key Log is easy to use, with no required assembly or rigging. And it's easy to put away.... just roll it up on your beach, or tie it to a dock. Unlike traditional wood logs, the Key Log does not soak up water. At the end of the season, just drain the water and store like you would any sporting equipment.




Number of gallons of water (not gasoline!) it takes to fill a Key Log.

Log Rolling At The Lake