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'Drop-in' Log Rolling is a success at West Virginia University

  • 2 min read

As every log roller will tell you, their three favorite words are "open log rolling"!  Unlike scheduled instructional times, open rolling, like open swim, is a time to practice skills, get a work-out, or just have fun playing on Key Logs® in the water. The more hours allotted, the better.  

As Key Log Rolling has expanded to more than 500 locations internationally, aquatic directors are learning that open rolling with a Key Log brings new participants and spectators into the pool who might not come otherwise.   The intrigue of learning to safely balance on a spinning log in the water, is a fun and safe challenge that many people are seeking, even non-swimmers.

Kaitlyn Searls, the aquatics graduate assistant at the West Virginia University Student Rec Center, recently said in an article that her department bought Key Logs because they  "wanted people to see there is more to the pool than just fitness swimming, but that it could also be fun".

"We wanted to do something that’s not typical,” Searls said. “Log rolling just happened to be something that was approved for us to have here. My boss had watched several videos of it and it just happened to be something we thought would work really well with our students. Our staff loves it.”

Key Log Rolling has multiple benefits, for both indoor/outdoor pools and lake fronts. 'Learn to log roll' classes; fitness programs; birthday rentals and corporate team building and competitive clubs are just a few of the programming possibilities. 

But one of the often unforeseen benefits is the attention it brings to the pool facility itself!

“In the first 20 minutes we had people coming in to try it out, we had people watching upstairs, spectators who were here for other events but just kind of seeing what’s going on in our facility, and I think even that is a success that they are even checking it out,” Searls said.

A common question for aquatic directors is how to begin log rolling programming but it's easier than ever with the Key Log Rolling system.  Our "Learn and Lead Log Rolling Workshop™, and the instructional materials that come with every Key Log, will give you the tools you need to get started. In the beginning, you will need a staff person to facilitate "open rolling". This involves putting the Key Logs in the water, encouraging swimmers and bystanders to come "try-it", and giving basic instruction.  But eventually, once you've built up a core group of log rollers and participants who are familiar with using the equipment, they will show up at the pool and facilitate open rolling on their own.

For more information about how to implement Key Log Rolling at your college, camp or community center, contact our sales team today!

Allison Kieley,,763.544.00547

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