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UVM Timbersports Team Attracts New Members with Key Log Rolling

  • 2 min read

With more and more members interested in log rolling, the University of Vermont Timbersports Team got a Key Log® of their own. Hear what they have to say about adding the sport to their array of activities.


How does the team log roll at UVM? 

UVM Timbersports is a prominent club sports program at the University. Both a recreational and competitive sports program, we practice log rolling, chopping, and sawing events. We practice six days a week and log roll once a week at our University's indoor Olympic pool. All of our athletes have the chance to get on a Key Log to bond with the sport and fellow teammates.



Who is interested in log rolling and what kind of prior experience do they have?

Most of our members do not have experience in log rolling or in our other events. Despite the lack of experience, we attract a wide variety of athletes, anywhere from traditional high school athletes to never being a part of a team. Being both a recreational and competitive team, we hope to create a welcoming environment for all students to engage in our sport’s rich history. Sometimes athletes join specifically to try log rolling.



Why did you decide to purchase a Key Log?

With Covid-19 being a time of isolation, Key Log Rolling gave us a chance to come together. Prior, we rented out our University’s Key Log. With a growing interest in log rolling among our team, we decided to purchase our own Key Log so that we can practice more and give more time to train our more competitive athletes. "Log rolling is one of my favorite events, and thanks to Key Log Rolling we can practice easily and more often,” notes Sophie Caldwell, a sophomore on the team.



What do you love most about your Key Log?

The Key Log is a marvel in the growth of our sport. Being lightweight compared to the traditional heavy cedar logs, the Key Log is so easy to transport and carry. Furthermore, the removable fins are a great method to train our athletes at multiple levels of difficulty. To celebrate the growth of our program we first rolled on our local Lake Champlain. Rolling on Lake Champlain was a blast even in the cold November waters, and we look forward to taking it out in the spring.



Are you interested in adding log rolling to your campus aquatics program or starting a club?  

Contact us to learn more about log rolling on college campuses. 

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