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Timbersports Teams Love Key Logs For Practice & Competition

  • 2 min read


Log Rolling at a College Timbersports Competition
In March of 2019, the American Western Forestry Club’s 80th Annual Timbersports Conclave took place in Fort Collins, Colorado. Hosted by the Colorado State University Logging Sports Team, the competition features events such as log rolling, chopping, crosscut sawing, axe throwing, tree climbing, and chainsaw. All of the events at the competition represent actual logging activities. This competition gives teams the opportunity to showcase their skills and hopefully qualify for the Stihl Timbersports Collegiate Championships in May, which brings the top collegiate lumberjacks from across the country.



Key Log Makes Practice & Transportation Easier For Teams
For the log rolling portion of the tournament, competitors roll on a Key Log. Although teams have traditionally used a real timber log, it doesn’t allow for much practice leading up to the event, requiring many people to carry the log, no place to store it, and practicing only in the freezing cold water outside. The Key Log has allowed teams to easily transport and store their log as well as practice and compete in their pools on campus.



Log Rolling is Gaining Popularity Through Timbersports
Timbersports teams that compete in the Stihl Collegiate Series have grown from just six in 2005 to now 62 as it gains popularity on college campuses. Log rolling is an event that really excites competitors and entertains everyone in the pool, even if they didn’t initially come to watch. It requires skill but is fun regardless if you’re a seasoned log roller or it’s your first time.

Is your team ready to step up your log rolling game? Or are you interested in starting a log rolling team or club on your campus? Contact us to learn about adding a Key Log to your aquatics center.







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