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THIS is the Summer to Learn to Log Roll!

  • 3 min read

At Key Log Rolling, we roll all year round, but summer is naturally our most active season. This summer, we are finding the silver lining in a slowed down version of summer and the opportunities it presents — spending QT with our family units, finding ways to create our own fun, developing new skills, and further honing existing ones.   
Key Log Rolling checks all of those boxes! So we’re making the case for THIS being the perfect year to learn how to log roll SAFELY AT HOME with an easy to use Key Log

1. Summer is for water sports. If you have a backyard pool, you'll probably be spending more time in it this summer. But unless you're a lap swimmer, there aren't many activities for your backyard pool. A Key Log is something that will actually get used. Family members will safely have fun doing it on their own, but it’s also a competitive sport to do together.

everyone in the pool

Now let’s talk open might feel cool paddling around on a SUP board, but it gets a little boring after a while (don't take it from us...Midwest Living said it!) And this is not the summer to add boredom to your life! Log rolling is unique, exciting, and challenging.

Don’t have a pool, and don’t live on the water? No problem! You can set up an inflatable pool in your backyard...check it out. Or take your Key Log to your nearest local beach. It only weighs 65 pounds and easy to transport on your car roof rack! Don’t be surprised when people come to check you out — from a 6 foot distance of course.

log rolling dudes

2. Hopefully by this point in the pandemic, you’ve figured out how to play together as a family unit. But finding an activity that parents and kids of varying ages can learn and  genuinely have fun doing together is a challenge. Log rolling is exceptional in this way — four year-olds enjoy it as much as forty year-olds. Everyone can learn at their own pace, and very quickly you’ll be challenging each other in competition.  And spectators, of all ages, love to watch, laugh and cheer.
mother daughter log rolling

3. Speaking of competition...Team sports and summer leagues are being canceled, but you can still fuel your competitive spirit with a family log rolling league. Organize a weekly tourney, an ongoing challenge ladder, or a leaderboard that tracks who can stay on the longest. Planning a Family Olympics to make up for the canceled 2020 Olympics? Log rolling is sure to be a favorite event!

log rolling bracket

4. During the pandemic, everyone seems to be taking up a new hobby or learning a unique skill...why not log rolling?! Like any sport worth doing, log rolling is a challenge. But it’s not complicated, and you can teach yourself. There’s a continual progression to learning and with each try, you’ll feel yourself getting the hang of it. As you improve, just remove one of the patented yellow Key Log Training Fins for more speed, or challenge your kid (who is likely better than you at this point) to a best of seven…there’s always something to strive for!
 log rolling success

5. And now for the real reason we should all be doing more log rolling this summer: It's a physical activity to support that other hobby we've all taken up during the pandemic...baking! I like to call log rolling “a workout without the work.” You’re having so much fun that you don’t realize how hard your body is working. 
I don't want to stop consuming all of the bread I’ve now learned to make myself so I’ll gladly do a little extra log rolling to maintain balance in all ways. :)
Click here to buy your Key Log and get rolling THIS summer! Delivery is super easy right to your doorstep. Contact me,, if you have questions!
log rolling supports your bread baking habit

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