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Minnesota Moms Build Supportive Community Around Log Rolling

  • 3 min read

A group of moms from Maple Grove, MN discovered log rolling at the Minnesota State Fair and have been obsessed ever since. Now, log rolling is one of their favorite activities to do with each other and their families. We caught up with a few of them to learn how it all started!

 How did you come to take up log rolling in the first place? 

Casey:I am privileged to have a group of friends who are always looking for a new challenge. They had been wandering around the State Fair and saw the Key Log Rolling booth. After weeks of talking about it, we found an opportunity to take classes with Blue Ox Log Rolling. Full disclosure, I was not sure I wanted to get involved... pools, wet hair, embarrassing falls, and struggles... not usually my thing. Thankfully I was easily talked into it and signed up for our first session, which wasn't the last!

Stacy:I know Casey, Sarah and Kelly from daycare and they joined a session of log rolling in Minnetonka. I was too busy to join but after they did a few sessions my curiosity got the best of me and I made time to try it out!

What was most surprising for you?

Kelly:I was a gymnast for 15 years and thought I’d have a way better balance on the log than I did when I first started out.

Stacy:I was impressed by my mom friends that were catching on quickly and dropping Training Fins and staying on longer and longer, so I kept at it! 

Casey:I was surprised by how excited I was for our weekly trip to the pool and improving on the skills we were learning. As my journey shifted to program coordinator, I have been amazed and pleasantly surprised by how supportive the log rolling community is. Some of my biggest supporters have been other women in the log rolling community. It has truly been inspiring and motivating.

When we asked them why they log roll, we heard some common themes… Fun, active, me time!

Casey: Log rolling started as a way to provide myself with some self-care. I was able to step away from the never-ending to-do list at home to enjoy some laughs and create memories with friends.

Kelly: I love trying new things that keep me active. It is an added bonus that my mom crew enjoys log rolling too.

Stacy: It’s an awesome challenge of balance and concentration. It has been a fun social activity for me with other adults or just fun to do something different with my kids!

So much for that “me time”, though! We learned that eventually their kiddos got hooked well.

Kelly: My kids have all tried log rolling multiple times, but they are not consistently attending classes because classes are mommy time!

Stacy:  I enjoy watching my kids excel at it! I now have all 3 of my girls joining North Star sessions! My oldest started right after me when she was 8. She did her first roleo with the Minneapolis club in February 2020 and she loved it. My 6 year old actually started at 5, and had no fear.

Casey:  The push to bring a program to Maple Grove was my daughter who started to enjoy it as much as I did. I never expected that my 2 year old son would be the biggest log-hog of them all! The most surprising person to love the experience has been my husband Nick. He enjoys working with new rollers and spreading the joy of the sport to anybody who is interested. 

Looks like this mom squad is going to have to start a separate club for their kiddos before they take over!

Try Key Log Rolling with your friends. Rent a Key Log to get started!


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