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'Midwest Living' says "Log Rolling is a Water Workout You Should Try"!

  • 1 min read

log rolling at the beach

With all due respect to our fellow water sports, we couldn't be more thrilled with Midwest Living's recent shout out to log rolling as the new cool kid in town. They recommend log rolling as a "water workout you should try."  And we couldn't agree more! 

"No offense to paddle boarding but log rolling is the coolest new (er really old) workout on the water."  

The article features Madison Log Rolling Club, and its co-founder Shana Verstegen (6x World Champion!), as a go-to spot to learn to log roll. She gives some great advice for first-timers, like try it "with an open mind and get ready to laugh." Now that's a workout style we can get behind! If you're in the Madison area, we encourage you to check them out.

If you don't live in the Madison area, don't fret. There are many other places across the Midwest (and the country!) to learn to log roll...check out our map. OR get a Key Log of your very own, and get rolling!

The Midwest Living feature is just one more example that the media loves log rolling and recognizes that it's on the up and up. Over the past several years, Key Log Rolling been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, FOX News, and countless other local and regional outlets. We particularly love the WSJ's assertion that "Your Spin Class Isn't Like This."

Want to learn more about making log rolling a part of your active lifestyle? Feel free to reach out to us directly! Email, or call 650-LOG-ROLL.

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