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Log Rolling at Summer Camp: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

  • 2 min read

While planning and budgeting for your 2019 summer, you may be factoring in fundraising efforts during this particular season of giving. Generous supporters and donors of your camp may be interested in funding a new programactivity, such as log rolling. We've come up with a few ideas on why and how to propose the concept of a log rolling program donation to your donors: 

  • Log rolling can be set up as its own activity or can be combined with swimming, boating, or other waterfront activities. If you are doing a capital campaign to improve your waterfront, log rolling is a unique way to draw attention to your fundraising efforts!
  • Log rolling is splashy (literally and figuratively!) and is attractive to a certain type of donor who is looking for something unique and fun to attach their name to. 
  • Our Key Log Starter Program Pack and Podium Pack are all-inclusive bundles that you can present to potential donors to launch your program this upcoming summer.
  • Log rolling adds hours of recreation options for your campers, and requires no structural changes or major buildouts to your camp facilities. It's a great donation piece for those who just want to make a one-time gift and not have to be responsible for any on-going costs.
  • With its historic roots, some of your camp alumni and donors may have even log rolled on a big old wooden log when they were young campers. The idea of supporting a new log rolling program will authentically feel nostalgic, but also an innovative way to tie together years of camp history.

Consider the benefits log rolling can add to your waterfront and aquatic programming, and make sure to communicate these to your donors. Campers will learn resilience, they will practice bravery by trying something new and they will safely take risksthat are rewarded with fun. Camp staff are able to help campers navigate any mixed emotions campers may have that come along with the fear of failure and teach a new skill in a low pressure environment.

The gift of Key Logs is a priceless package that will continue to reward campers, staff, and donors for years to come. 

Interested in learning how camp supporters can help build a summer program? Give us a shout!

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