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Key Log Rolling launches initiative to organize Olympic future

Minneapolis (June 16, 2017) - Minneapolis-based, Key Log Rolling®, is launching an initiative to develop competitive log rolling using the Olympic sport model, and the portable, synthetic rolling logs that the company developed to grow the sport.

“This is something we’ve been working on for many years,” said Abby Hoeschler, president of Key Log Rolling. "Log rolling is truly an exciting sport, both for participants and spectators, but it’s been held back by the very equipment used to do it — heavy wood logs. With the technological advancement of the portable Key Log®, we're gaining mainstream participation for the first time in the sport's one hundred year history. Now we’re creating the organizational structures to facilitate growth of international competitive log rolling."

The non-profit Federation of International Log Rolling™ (FILR) will develop rules and rankings for log rolling with synthetic logs in partnership with national governing bodies (NGBs) in each country, including the United States Aquatics Log Rolling Organization™ (USALRO).  International federations and NGB’s are the sport model used by the International Olympic Committee.    

“We're researching other sports to find the best fit for board structure and sport development,” said world champion and KLR co-founder, Judy Scheer Hoeschler. "We’re planning an official roll-out with the first collegiateUnited States Log Rolling Championships™." 

“Log rolling has had limited participation because of the limitations of equipment; now it has the potential to become a worldwide sport," said Abby. "Six years ago, there were fewer than ten active log rolling programs in the world. Today there are 500 programs, in 48 states and 7 countries. Everyone loves the idea of log rolling in the Olympics someday!"

For more information about FILR, USLRO, and Key Log Rolling® programs, contact




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