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College Campus Log Rolling for College Camp Counselors

Winter is fast approaching, summer is but a memory, and people all over the country are log rolling in warm indoor aquatic centers. However, the Key Logs at most summer camps are probably stored away for the winter, awaiting the return of summer.

Logs may not be rolling at summer camps right now but we know that year-round camp staff; directors, managers and administrators are never idle. Camps use the off-season for the all important tasks of budgeting, planning, marketing, ordering equipment, interviewing and hiring.  While you are busy with the work that keeps camp on-track for success, do you ever wonder what those fun loving counselors are doing during the off-season?

Well, your counselors enrolled in colleges could be learning to log roll!  Over 150 colleges and universities in the US and Canada own Key Logs and have Key Log Rolling programs in their rec sports offerings. View our list of Colleges with Key Logs.  

We encourage you to email your college staff and urge them to learn how to log roll before camp starts next summer.  This winter's college log roller can be next summer's champion of log rolling at camp for a fun, safe and innovative new activity for your campers. We've seen log rolling transform groups of campers by offering a new, shared activity that challenges them to practice resilience and determination - a positive addition to any waterfront!

And what if your college counselors don't have Key Logs available? Sometimes all it takes is a student approaching their Rec Sports or intramural departments to suggest Log Rolling as a new program. Questions about working with campus or community rec to start your own program? Let us know, we’re happy to help.

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