Log Rolling is a hit at Collegiate Midwest Regional

October 03, 2017

Log Rolling is a hit at Collegiate Midwest Regional

A small but momentous sporting event took place at the University of Missouri on September 30, when thirteen students, from four colleges, competed in the first leg of the Key Log Rolling® Collegiate Tournament Series.  The excitement was palpable — from athletes, to Mizzou Rec staff, to our own Key Log Rolling staff.

A morning skills workshop was followed by an afternoon of log rolling battles … lots of really good rolling battles!  Music, color commentary, podium awards, event t-shirts and prizes all added to the festive atmosphere, including a half-time show by Indiana University Log Rolling Club students. Spectators who wandered by and stayed, confirmed that log rolling is also really fun to watch. (Click here for photos.)  

For the majority of the thirteen rollers, it was their first shot at log rolling competition. Some competitors had only practiced a few times prior; and for one competitor, it was her first time rolling!  All the students improved their skills before our eyes. Together, we showed that the exciting sport could be successfully staged in new locations, by brand new log rollers, with help of an organized recreation staff.

The Midwest Regional at Mizzou was a humble beginning and a resounding success. We’re excited to move onto the West Regional at the University of California - Santa Barbara, October 14, and the East Regional at the University of Maryland - College Park, November 18.

Although log rolling is a century-old sport, it’s only been practiced in a few locales by a few hundred people at a time. The portable Key Log® has given thousands of people access to the water sport and every step is a new one for the 600+ new programs, including training staff, developing instructors, and staging events.  

A year ago, our Key Log Rolling staff set a goal to stage the first United States Log Rolling Championships™, beginning with a collegiate division. The Key Log Rolling Collegiate Tournament Series was born, with three regional events staged in the Fall 2017, and more in the works for Spring 2018.  

We are focused on teaching new rollers and campus recreation leaders how to compete and how to stage an event. A competition package, complete with a detailed to-do list, is being developed to assist students and organizers with hosting their own intramural and intercollegiate events. The same can be applied to community recreation programs at YMCAs and City Park & Recreation Departments.

We are confident that the success of the Midwest Regional at Mizzou can be transplanted around the country, and we encourage all college programs to recruit students and staff to attend the upcoming West and East Regionals. Even one or two pre-tournament practice sessions will help students and staff members feel prepared to have a great experience. The rest of the fun will take care of itself. 

Midwest Regional Highlights

Hosted by Mizzou Rec, Truman’s Pond, University of Missouri, September 30, 2017

Competition Format: 2 Round Robin Pools followed by single elimination bracket.  Round Robin results were used to seed brackets.

Pool A:

  1. Megan Wolf, Indiana University
  2. Anton Anderson, Indiana University
  3. Matthew Pearcy, Indiana University

Pool B:

  1. Stephanie Duong, University of Texas-Dallas
  2. Coup Couper, Indiana University
  3. Bryce Miller, Indiana University

Women’s Division Bracket 

  1. Megan Wolf, Indiana University
  2. Stephanie Duong, University of Texas-Dallas
  3. Taylor Forsythe, Mizzou

Men’s Division Bracket

  1. Coup Cooper, Indiana University
  2. Bryce Miller, Indiana University
  3. Matthew Allison, Indiana University

Staff Division Bracket

  1. Ben Smith, Washington University

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