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Add Log Rolling to Welcome Week & Other Campus Events!

  • 2 min read
Join us in our upcoming webinar: Welcome Week's Most Popular Activity - Log Rolling!

Attracting new users to the pool is a challenge. How do you show them all the healthy, fun activities, if they’re not going there in the first place? That was the mission of Emily Ward, former Aquatics Director at Indiana University. “That’s what struck me about Key Logs - I could bring them OUT of the pool and INTO the campus community to attract new users.”

At most universities, there is a big untapped market of people who do not use the pool. Aquatics programmers are always trying to introduce activities that non-lap swimmers can safely enjoy alongside their friends of all swimming abilities.

So how do you take log rolling out of the pool and bring it to where the students are? All you need is a simple, portable inflatable pool and 2 ½ feet of water. If you have a 16' diameter space of level ground, you can easily set up an inflatable pool. Depending on your water source, you can fill up your pool in under 30 minutes! (See notes and recommendations below).

This is a low-barrier way to get people to try - they’ll only get wet up to their knees and they don’t even need their swimsuits! And during warm months, people are happy to cool off in knee-high water.

Campus Recreation programs are using this strategy to energize events and introduce thousands of people to log rolling in convenient places like Welcome Week, Homecoming, Greek Week, and other campus festivals. 

Log rolling is eye catching, especially in the middle of an event! Spectators will flock to see what’s going on, so not only will you be promoting log rolling but you have the opportunity to leverage this interaction with students to promote other events or programs.

Inflatable Pool Recommendations.

There are several portable inflatable pools you can buy online that are big enough to accommodate the Key Log, 1-2  instructors and 1-2 participants. We recommend a pool that is about 30” in depth. Keep in mind, theKey Log is 11’8” in length, so just make sure you purchase a pool big enough to fit that length! One that we’ve seen used often is theIntex 15’x42” Easy Set Pool. We’ve also seen people use portable containment pools, or convert a gaga ball pit into a pool by lining it with a tarp.

Ready to run an event on campus? Still have questions? Join us in our upcoming webinar for more info and to get your questions answered! Register here.

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