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Accelerating the Log Rolling Program at North Star Camp

  • 2 min read

Robert Lebby was the director of North Star Camp in Hayward, WI for 42 years. They’ve offered log rolling as an activity for campers for years, but until the Key Log® became available, they used a 650 pound cedar log. 

Why North Star Decided to Buy a Key Log

Getting the wood log out of the water was a difficult process as it absorbed water and got heavier, sometimes requiring five people. After a while, it became so heavy that they couldn’t get it out and it became waterlogged. That’s when they decided to get a Key Log. Lebby says, “The advantage to the Key Log is that it’s light, and it’s easy to get in and out of the water.”

Kids Log Rolling

Log Rolling Became a Camp Favorite with the Key Log

Although log rolling was always an activity campers enjoyed at North Star, Leb notes that when they introduced the Key Log and received training from Key Log Rolling staff, it became really popular. Leb speaks to this increase of popularity: “The kids went nuts for log rolling, and we had over 72 kids signed up at one point.” The excitement from kids encouraged him that this program could really take off.

Kids Log Rolling

Log Rolling is a Great Activity for Any Camp

In addition to owning a camp for over four decades, Lebby has been involved in the American Camp Association for 35 years. He believes that log rolling could fit into anyone’s program, no matter the length or type of camp. “It’s an activity that any camper can do, have success at, gain self-confidence, and feel a sense of achievement.”

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