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80% of LGS Recreation’s Log Rollers Return For More!

  • 2 min read

LGS Recreation Adds Log Rolling To Their Aquatics Program
Rigo Amador, Recreation Coordinator of Aquatics and Sports at LGS Recreation in Los Gatos, California, discovered his love for log rolling in Texas when he tried it for the first time. He decided to purchase logs from Key Log Rolling and now includes the activity in their new multi-sport camp, along with swimming and water polo. Large registration numbers and unanimous participant enjoyment has proven that the implementation of the activity was a great success.

Log Rolling Is A Fun, Safe, & Socially Distanced Outdoor Activity 
Rigo struggled to find safe activities to run during the pandemic, which has been a common theme for many businesses and individuals. Despite those challenges, implementing Key Log Rolling at Los Gatos was a “lifesaver”, according to Rigo. He says, “It’s a safe program which made it an attractive option for our community when looking for safe, outdoor programs.” LGS has been running the camp since June 2020.

One way LGS adds even more fun to the activity is by playing music while they log roll. Some staff and students of all ages have enjoyed creating unique footwork and dance moves during class. An even crazier challenge they’ve attempted is hula hooping on their logs. The fun never ends!

Log Rolling Expands LGS Aquatics Program
In addition to members of the community being drawn to Key Log’s safety, they greatly enjoy learning something new. Implementing log rolling has differentiated LGS Recreation from other programs in the area. So far, Rigo has offered 4-session class packs to their multi-sport camp, but due to popularity and excitement around log rolling specifically, about 80% of his participants register for additional sessions. He plans to start an LGS Aquatics Log Rolling Club soon, purchase a third log, and run tournaments out of their pool.

Contact us to learn about adding Key Log Rolling to your aquatics program! Rolling will differentiate your program from others in the area and bring a new audience to your pool.


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