Tips For Successful Key Log Rolling This Summer

May 17, 2017

Tips For Successful Key Log Rolling This Summer

Developing Your Log Rolling Staff:

The first step to a great summer of log rolling is picking the right staff. Some of the most effective staff can come from your lifeguard and swim instructor staff. Let them play on the Key Logs at the end of in-service and you will quickly see who really enjoys log rolling and seems to have an affinity for it. These staff can be some of your most enthusiastic and effective log rolling ambassadors so look for staff who are outgoing, enjoy talking with people they don’t know, have very good attention to safety, and enjoy interacting with children and adults.


Invite these staff to become the log rolling staff and provide them with training using our free video resources, as well as the Key Log Instruction Manual that came with your Key Log. Summer camps may want to email your water front staff and have them watch all of our instructional videos and/or have them read the manuals. The instructional videos are:

After having them view the videos and read the Instruction Manual, meet with the log rolling staff to do some practice as well as practice teaching. Start by reviewing the safety rules for log rolling in your specific facility, then practice how to fill/drain the Key Log and how to securely attach the Trainers. Next have the log rolling staff practice the basics of log rolling such as stance and body position, holding the Key Log for others, standing up on the Key Log and basic footwork. It may be helpful to read the manuals aloud while trying log rolling skills at first. Log rolling is not complicated but by emphasizing a few key instructional points, your staff (and participants) will gain improvement and have more fun!
Once everyone has had ample opportunity to practice their skills, break the group into smaller sub-groups and assign each person one skill to teach their small group. Camps can have their waterfront staff teach a different staff group how to log roll for a great practice teaching experience that also gets more camp staff excited about log rolling. Instruct the “class” to do exactly what the instructor tells them because this helps your staff pay closer attention to specific language when giving instructions.

Sample 2 Hour Staff Training Session:

You will find copies of these materials at this LINK.
• Review the Owner's Manual - approx. 5 minutes
• Review the Quick Start Guide – approx. 3 minutes
• Review the Instructional Manual - approx. 20 minutes
• View the Safety & Use Videos - approx. 10 minutes
• View the Instructional Video - approx. 18 minutes
• Jump On and Roll! - approx. one hour. Practice makes perfect!
Remember: fill the Key Log COMPLETELY with water!
Short on time, or simply need some refreshers? 
Here are the minimum recommendations to get your staff rolling:

Once your staff is trained it’s time to ‘roll’ out your log rolling program!

If you are a community, campus or military recreation program, offering some “open rolling” times that are promoted in the pool area is a fun way to start. During these times your log rolling staff is in the water teaching everyone how to log roll, how to hold the Key Log for each other, and supervising the activity to keep everyone safe. Challenge your staff to always keep the Key Log busy, if there is a lull they should actively attract new participants.
If you are a camp, try adding log rolling to your end of session camp competition!
Some fun daily activities in any setting can be “challenge competitions.” Using a chalkboard or dry erase board by the pool or lake, see who can stay on the Key Log the longest – or who can make the most rotations of the Key Log in a specific period of time – or who can make the Key Log change directions the most in a specific period of time. These challenge competitions are fun and also help to build log rolling skills at the same time!

Learn & Lead Workshop:

Key Log Rolling’s signature four hour workshop teaches your staff both how to log roll and how to teach others to log roll. Time is also spent discussing and experiencing programming possibilities to help you and your staff identify successful programming ideas to implement right away. If you are interested in learning more about the Learn & Lead Workshop contact Emily Ward at

Don't hesitate to call us for assistance!

Log rolling is completely new for many of you. We are available to answer any questions that arise. Contact our office or Abby (Key Log Rolling President) at 608-792-9008.

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